Polyethylene (PE) Welding

Toyle has become a leading player in the use of polyethylene pipe and fittings within the plumbing and drainlaying industrial market.  This form of pipe and fittings is increasingly popular in today's world.  It is an incredibly strong and durable product.  It is suitable for a number of applications including within the petrochem industry.  We have a state of the art mobile facility that ensures we meet the demands of any job quickly and efficiently.

It can be used for reticulation of water and gas to supply subdivisions, commercial sites or industry, and can be employed to form stormwater and sewer lines.  The product also lends itself to transporting other substances, such as chemicals and foam.  

It is certified for use in the ground and can be thrusted into position if required.

Recent projects have seen us working in Whakatane , Mount Maunganui and Bethlehem, along with other projects in Tauranga